Colorado gymnastics teacher Dylan Schuetz falls 100 feet down cliff, lands on his feet

A Colorado man fell 100 feet down Saint Mary's Glacier last week - and landed on his feet.

Dylan Schuetz says he survived the plunge because of his training in gymnastics.

Schuetz, 21, was hiking with two friends when he tumbled head-first down the cliff.

"I just see Dylan tumbling down the cliff," said his friend Cody Tengler.

Then the amazing happened.

"He spots his landing and then kind of does a flip, a front flip over himself," Tengler said.

Schuetz landed on his feet - but was still seriously injured.

He broke both of his legs and ankles and punctured a lung, according to ABC News.

His frightened friends worked desperately to keep him conscious until help arrived.

"Just keep talking to him do everything that you can to keep him alive and going and just have hope," said friend Matt Campbell.

This morning Schuetz is recovering at a Colorado hospital. He has another surgery coming up Friday.

His mother says he vows to make it back to the sport that he loves and the one that may have saved his life - but he plans never to hike again.

"The doctor said 'Do you want to do gymnastics again Dylan?' and he said 'Yea!'" Stacey Dale-Schuetz said. "Anything he wants to do, I know he'll accomplish."