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Colorado baby gets potential life-saving treatment family fought for

Insurance company had change of heart, allowing treatment for baby
Posted at 9:25 PM, Aug 07, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-08 00:54:55-04

DENVER -- A Colorado's baby’s journey to get a life-saving treatment took a big step forward in Denver on Wednesday.

19-month-old Maisie Forrest has spinal muscular atrophy, a rare disease that will slowly take away her ability to walk, eat and breathe.

But Wednesday, the baby girl received gene therapy at Children’s Hospital Colorado.

“Our hope is that we stopped it early enough that we don’t have to bury her, that she gets to live,” Maisie’s mom, Ciji, said.

Maisie’s family was fighting her insurance company after they denied coverage for a new drug called Zolgensma.

With the help of internet advocates, the family disputed the decision and the insurance company caved. Now, Maisie is set to get the $2.2 million treatment.

“Anybody that donated, anybody that prayed, that shared, needs to hear 'thank you' and they need to know that we are not done we are going to continue to spread this positivity forward,” Ciji said.

Ciji is calling on Maisie’s Army to fight for other babies, to make sure other insurance companies cover the same treatment for kids like her.

“Don’t accept 'no.' This is a human life, this is a baby and you can do this, you can get through it and you can win,” she said.