Child watch program started in Parker

PARKER, Colo. -  

A Parker parent has started a new program aimed at watching children while walking to and from school. Parent of three Kalie Hillard started 'Stand Out for Kids.'


Saturday concerned residents met with Parker police to discuss identifying and reporting suspicious behavior. Hillard created the program in response to the death of 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway.


"I just really want every person who's thinking about doing anything terrible to any of our children, to know that we're all watching,"

Hillard said. "We have an opportunity as a community to fight back and make sure this doesn't happen in our house, in our backyard."


Hillard asked families in her Clarke Farms neighborhood to watch their block for any suspicious activity during the hours kids are walking to and from school. Parker police officer Dawn Cashman said officers can't be on every corner and programs like this are beneficial to the community.


"If someone is out on the street considering harming a child, maybe knowing that there are people out watching them will be a little of a deterrent," said Cashman.


Hillard said she hopes this model will be used in other Colorado neighborhoods and school districts.

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