Chemical degreaser in Dairy Queen shake allegedly sickens Thornton mother and son

THORNTON, Colo. - A Thornton child was taken to the hospital as a precaution after eating a Dairy Queen milk shake allegedly contaminated with chemicals.

Lisa Chase said she took her son to the Dairy Queen restaurant at 3894 East 120th Ave. in Thornton Thursday night where he ordered the vanilla shake. After he took a sip, his tongue started burning.

"Something was like bubbling on my tongue," said 7-year-old Riley Chase.

"You couldn't even taste the ice cream in it, it tasted like you were drinking a very strong cleanser, then the burn started instantly," said Chase who tasted the shake after her son.

Chase said as she complained to the manager, she overheard another customer on the phone complaining of similar symptoms.

Dairy Queen franchise owner, Ron Wickham, told 7NEWS an employee left a container soaking in Kay Chemical Company 2-in-1 Floor Cleaner and Degreaser in the sink.  Wickham said another employee thought the container was clean and filled it with vanilla syrup which was then used on at least three orders.

"First they told me it was us and now they admitted it's two since I was there when the other person called. Now it's up to three people and I said, 'well have you gotten ahold of them to tell them what it was' and they said, 'well they didn't leave any contact information,'" Chase said.

Wickham said he's contacted both the health department and poison control. The two employees were written up for not following proper procedures.

On Friday morning, Chase took her son to the hospital as a precaution. She also contacted poison control which told her the cleaner contains sodium hydroxide and can cause burns, vomiting even shock when ingested.

"I am fed up, they need to be held accountable for what they’re doing because they could’ve cost people their lives with this," Chase said.

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