Cheerleaders call foul on Buffalo Wild Wings; claim restaurant owes them for May fundraiser

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - A Fort Collins cheer squad claims Buffalo Wild Wings didn't hold up its end of a fundraising agreement.

Amanda Vroomen, and the Colorado Cougars Cheer and Dance Team, said based on an agreement with the Fort Collins restaurant, they passed out about 150 coupon flyers to Buffalo Wild Wings customers in May and that for each one used the group would bank 10 percent of sales.

"They told us it would be three days before we could know how much we actually made, and about 10 days from there for a check," said Vroomen.

But that check never came, and neither did an explanation.

"(We) gotten the run around for a month at this point," said Vroomen.

That is until Wednesday, when the group called 7NEWS and soon after received an email from the restaurant saying their records show no one used the coupons.

"We did watch the wait staff scan them when customers were leaving and checking out and paying their bills," added Vroomen.

The email stated that a computer glitch may be to blame, for the issue, and that they want to make it right.

"It's just like the worst waiting game I think we possibly could've played for an entire season," said Vroomen.

Vroomen said they just want an apology, and the hard earned money they still haven't seen.

"It makes me wonder if they're doing this just so that they can have the sales and then not giving the money to who they're supposed to be helping," she said.

Late on Wednesday, the corporate office of Buffalo Wild Wings issued the following statement:

"We are proud of our Eat Wings Raise Funds program at our Fort Collins restaurant and have raised more than $3,800 for a variety of charities in our community this year.  For this particular event, we received no coupons from the charity organizers on the night of the fundraiser, so we had no amount to match. We would be more than willing to host the Colorado Cougar Dance Academy for a future event in our restaurant and have this group receive the matching amount from our restaurant.  We are committed to the local communities we serve and are proud to give back."  

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