Charges expected today against suspect in Jessica Ridgeway murder

DA to charge 17-year-old Austin Sigg as adult

GOLDEN, Colo. - We created a new story about the charges filed against Austin Sigg, you can find it here.

The 17-year-old suspect in the kidnapping and death of Jessica Ridgeway was in court Thursday morning for the formal filing of charges.

A prosecutor said in court last week that authorities have a DNA match and confession from Austin Sigg.

The CALL7 Investigators also confirmed that police recovered body parts at Sigg's home during their search last week.

Jefferson County District Attorney Scott Storey said his office will charge Sigg as an adult.

Austin Sigg made his first court appearance last Thursday. The teen wore a bright, light green jumpsuit. His hands and feet were both shackled.

Public defenders argued that Sigg should be released on bond, saying he has no criminal history and is a low flight risk.

But Chief Deputy Deputy District Hal Sargent said Sigg poses a threat to the community and cited "overwhelming evidence" against the teen, including a DNA match and his confession.

The judge ordered Sigg held without bond.

Sigg is being held on suspicion of two counts of first-degree murder, one count of second-degree kidnapping and two counts of criminal attempt: attempted murder and attempted kidnapping.

The first three charges (murder and kidnapping) are related to the Jessica Ridgeway case, according to Westminster Police spokesman Trevor Materasso.

Materasso said the last two charges, attempted murder and attempted kidnapping, are related to a May incident where a 22-year-old woman was attacked while she was jogging around Ketner Lake in Westminster.


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