Centennial bride gets fairytale wedding days after fire forced her to jump from 3rd story window

Bride-to-be jumped from 3rd story window on Monday

Castle Rock, Colo. -

For Lenise and Sam Brown, Saturday's wedding was nothing short of a miracle.

"The toasts are a little higher.  I never had doubt the wedding wouldn't happen," said Greg Ruff, the father of the bride.

It showed after all, the sweetest beginnings can come from the most horrific of endings.

"I just am glad I was with her in this moment because if we were to die, I was with my best friend," Lenise Brown told 7NEWS on Monday.

Five days ago a massive fire at the Copper Terrace Apartment forced, Brown and her Maid of Honor, Marilyn Kruc, to jump from their third story apartment window.  Brown suffered burns to her hands and face and Kruc fractured two vertebrae in her lower back.  It was not known if the Maid of Honor would be well in time for Saturday's ceremony until the morning of the wedding.

"I would consider her my sister.  I just have brothers so she’s the closest thing I have to a sister and I’m just so proud of her for her courage and her strength.  For her [to make] that trip, I know it was hard, it means a lot to us," Brown said.

Healing will take time both physically and emotionally.  The Brown's said after all they've been through their vows hold a little more weight.  After all, sometimes it takes losing everything to show you just how much you really have.

"It’s been the craziest montage of everything, it’s been really hard and it’s been stressful but we’re here and Marilyn made it and we’re married," Sam Brown said.

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