Celebrating 125 years of weather observations at CSU campus

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - Weather experts and Colorado State University officials gathered to celebrate 125 years of weather observation and cutting-edge atmospheric science on the CSU campus Monday.

7NEWS Chief Meteorologist Mike Nelson was the master of ceremonies at the event honoring CSU's important contributions atmospheric science. It was held on the 17th anniversary of the Spring Creek Flood that devastated the campus and the Fort Collins community.

Nearly 200 people gathered as dignitaries placed a historic plaque at the CSU Weather Station, where daily climate records have been taken since 1889.

"The Weather Station is an important historical part of the University," said  State Climatologist Nolan Doesken. "Data collection began near the site of the former 'Old Main' in the 1870s. Daily climate records since Jan. 1, 1889, are complete and available in a variety of digital and hardcopy forms, making this one of Colorado's oldest weather stations and an incredible scientific resource."

CSU's Department of Atmospheric Science is a top-rate institution renowned for its cutting-edge research.

The Weather Station is located near the Lory Student Center and just west of the Oval.

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