CDOT looks to put in toll lanes on C-470 to help ease traffic congestion

Douglas County, Colo. - CDOT held a town hall meeting in Highlands Ranch Tuesday night to discuss putting toll roads in on C-470 to ease traffic congestion in the area.

"Anyone who drives C-470 right now between I-25 and Wadsworth knows that they crawl during peak hours and that will continue to be the case," said CDOT spokesperson, Amy Ford.

"It’s backed up and there definitely needs to be something done," said Mike Denham who

Ford said the $230 million proposal includes putting one toll lane in each direction between I-25 and Wadsworth in addition to the lanes that already exist.  About half the money would come from state and federal funds and the other half would be generated through the tolls.

"The tolling is really a way of generating some revenue but it often doesn’t pay for these projects but it can offset things like maintenance or operations, or in this case we might be able to use the revenue to actually get loans to help pay for the construction," Ford said.

Unlike the highly controversial expansion of US-36, Ford said it will not be a public-private project and CDOT will still be in charge of maintaining the roads.

"I think the users who want the benefit of faster speeds on their commute, they should pay for the expansion," said Catherine Albert who attended Tuesday night's meeting.

If all goes as planned the project will be completed in 2016.  Long term plans include putting two toll lanes in each direction.  Ford said CDOT has not yet determined how much the tolls will be.

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