Castle Rock domestic abuse death: 'Victim did everything she should have'

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. - In the wake of a death of a wife and mother of five, who police say was killed by her estranged husband Saturday in Castle Rock, domestic violence victim advocate groups are saying the woman did everything she could to get away and to safety.

“She took advantage of all of these resources that are there for her and even with those in place, this was a guy that didn’t care whether there was a mountain to crawl over or a tunnel to dig. He was going to get to her at some point in time,” said Jennifer Walker, executive director of the Crisis Center.

Castle Rock Police say the woman was leaving her husband and staying with family in Castle Rock when the attack happened. Officers haven't yet named the woman or suspect.

We’re learning more about how a heinous domestic violence crime over the weekend is shaking the Castle Rock community. It's a sobering reminder just how dangerous domestic violence situations can get.

“We’re seeing this every day, and then something like this happens and then suddenly, it matters and it needs to matter every day,” said Walker.

Walker says it’s recommended that you seek help and shelter with family, friends or non-profit shelters if domestic violence is a part of your home.

Walker says the average victim is abused 11 times before the police are involved.

Walker stresses it’s also very important that law enforcement takes domestic abuse calls very seriously, even if they are simple misdemeanors. 

Walker says the escalation in any situation can be very quick.

If you need help or know someone who does, you can contact the Crisis Center on the 24-hour crisis line at (303) 688-8484 or (888) 247-7472 toll-free.  

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