Carbondale mom says she poisoned kids' smoothies; She feared husband was taking daughters to Mexico

Mom: rather girls 'be dead than alive in Mexico'

CARBONDALE, Colo. - A Carbondale woman says she mixed an entire box of rat poison into smoothies for herself and her two daughters.

Maria Alvarado-Gomez, 32, told police through an interpreter that she "would rather the children be dead than alive in Mexico," where she said the girls' father wanted to take them.

The Aspen Times reports that the 8-year-old and 11-year-old girls were hospitalized and released. Alvarado-Gomez was arrested on two counts of first-degree attempted murder. The children were returned to their father after leaving the hospital.

The poisoning happened June 30. Gomez was arrested on Wednesday.

Through an interpreter, Alvarado- Gomez told investigators that "she did not want to suffer anymore and she did not want her children to suffer anymore," the newspaper reported.

The girls' father, Martin Luciano- Gonzalez, 46, consented to a search of the home. He told police Alvarado- Gomez was getting counseling, but police reports say nothing about him indicating he wanted to leave with the girls.


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