Burglars use blowtorch, burn their way through home skylight

Thousands of dollars in electronics stolen

DENVER - Denver Police are searching for a blowtorch burglar(s) who melted through a home's skylight and stole thousands of dollars in electronics.

The burglary happened on the 1400 block of South Eudora Street between June 20 and June 23.  According to the Denver Police Crime Map, there have been seven burglaries in the Virginia Village neighborhood in the past month, but it's unknown if any are related.

"I noticed my computer was missing to the left and immediately I looked to the right and I noticed my flat screen television was missing," said the homeowner who didn't want to be identified.

The victim said after looking around it quickly became apparent the suspect(s) used a blowtorch to melt through the plastic of his skylight on his roof.

"They probably used a wonder bar or a crowbar and lifted the whole sheet of plexi and then just climbed right down [the bookshelf]," the victim said.

The burglar(s) stole two skateboards, two computers, a laptop, iPad, television, and other electronics and walked out the side door and gate.  The victim said he found the gate and doors left open when he got home. 

The victim activated the "find my Mac" program and it wasn't long before he received an email alerting him that one of his stolen computer's had been turned on.

"Basically when you turn your computer on, it'll send a ping out if there's any wifi to notify me. I received a ping that [it was] in the 3300 block of Jasmine Street," the victim said.

Unfortunately the stolen computer was turned off almost immediately after it was turned on and the signal was lost.  Denver Police are looking into the tip but said because the device is no longer sending the signal they don't have enough probable cause to check the residence to see if it's there.

In the meantime, the victim beefed up security and installed a new system in his home.  Neighbors are also on high alert and hope their vigilance will keep the blowtorch bandits from returning to their neighborhood.






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