Crested Butte approves permit to paint town blue after Bud Light doubles offer

CRESTED BUTTE, Colo. - The Crested Butte Town Council voted unanimously to approve a permit for Bud Light to fence off its main street, paint the town blue, and bring in more than 1,000 revelers for an event on Sept. 5-7.

The decision came after Bud Light doubled its offer to Crested Butte Thursday, offering to pay $500,000 for the permit.

Bud Lite wants to turn Crested Butte's iconic Elk Avenue into a blue-painted fantasy town for an ad campaign called the "Are you up for Whatever?"

The company said it has already put up fencing for the event.

Supporters and opponents packed a town meeting Monday night for the public comment session that lasted more than eight hours. 

"We have two days to show our town off to people who have never been here before," said Crested Butte business owner Sara Potoker.

"I think the process is the problem," said resident Cricket Farrington, who opposed the Bud Light offer. "I'm upset because I lost my political say so."

Anheiser-Busch has been working with the town on the plan since the spring but word only leaked out recently. In the meantime, Bud Light has been promoting the mysterious event online.

Bud Light marketing director David Daniels said the company picked the town for its beautiful location and reputation for having fun.

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