Brothers sentenced for menacing police officer, harassing gay bar patrons, high-speed car chase

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - Two brothers have been sentenced for harassing patrons of a gay bar, pointing a gun at an officer, and then leading police on a high-speed chase on Colorado Blvd. earlier this year.

According to court records, Jacob Matthew Sarmiento, 25, of Denver, and Jason Julian Sarmiento, 22, of Aurora, drove to a Glendale nightclub around 2 a.m. on Feb. 24.  The El Potrero nightclub bills itself as a gay bar.

The men approached two patrons in a parking lot next to the bar and began shouting homophobic slurs, as well as trying to physically assault them.  Both of the defendants pointed a gun at the victims, court records stated.  One of the victims was able to call for help and the defendants fled in their black and silver Mini Cooper.

A Glendale police officer  approached the defendants at a red light at Colorado Boulevard and Colfax Avenue and one of the defendants pointed a gun at the officer.  The officer got out of his car and gave verbal commands for the defendants to show their hands.  The officer did not shoot into the vehicle as the windows were tinted and he was unable to tell who was inside the car.

The defendants ignored his commands, and sped away, with officers from the Glendale Police Department and Denver Police Department in pursuit.  The defendants were apprehended after turning onto Martin Luther King Blvd., where they hit a cement median.  

On July 1, both defendants pled guilty to felony menacing with a real or simulated weapon and bias motivated crime.  They were sentenced last week to 360 days in the Arapahoe County Jail with 173 days credit for jail time served.  In addition, the defendants were sentenced to five years intense supervised probation.

District Attorney George Brauchler stated:  "The senseless and unprovoked series of crimes committed by these brothers-in-crime have no place in our community.  To this day, the victims in this case are haunted by the defendants' actions that night.  Pointing a gun at a police officer and innocent people for any reason is an invitation to getting shot.  Here, luckily for these defendants it only resulted in a felony conviction and incarceration."

"The Glendale Police Department is proud of Officer Chad Lucero who showed great restraint in not firing at the vehicle due to innocent bystanders in the area," said Captain Mike Gross of the Glendale Police Department.  "We applaud the 18th Judicial District Attorney’s Office for their steadfast prosecution of this case."

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