Broomfield begins 'high-intensity hazing' to scare aggressive coyotes near The Field open space

BROOMFIELD, Colo. - Broomfield open space officials have begun "high-intensity hazing" that includes rubber buckshot after aggressive coyotes have come close to residents and their pets.

The Broomfield Enterprise reports the buckshot will be used to scare off coyotes near Spader Way and Midway Boulevard, which is near The Field open space.

The rubber buckshot is an alternative to using paintballs and is meant to scare coyotes, not injure or kill them. Officials decided to use the more aggressive form of hazing because of two incidents in the past week in which a coyote bared its teeth and growled within about 10 feet of a person who was with a leashed dog.

In May, Broomfield temporarily closed several trails at The Field Open Space after at least 12 reports of coyotes spotted near or around the trails in the previous two months.

In several of those reports, people said a male coyote with mange was being aggressive, Director of Open Space and Trails Kristan Pritz told 7NEWS. One woman even reported he chased her and her husky.

Pritz said if people are on the open trails and come across a coyote they need to do "low intensity" hazing the coyote. She recommends backing away from the coyote, putting your hands up in the air and yelling to scare it away.

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