Breckenridge PD let lost dogs play at station

Posted at 10:26 AM, Dec 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-12-16 13:16:13-05

Breckenridge Police made some new furry friends this week.

"Sometimes we find dogs out in town looking for their parents. We love to bring them back to the station to keep them safe and warm until their lost owners can be found.," Sgt. Finley posted on Facebook.

"These two kept officers entertained for the day. We build fun things to play on and let them do things they are not allowed to do at home," Finley joked.

"They joined us for our night briefing and Officer Polidori enjoyed the quality time spent with his new friends," said Finley.

"The lost parents were located and all were safely reunited," Finley wrote.

The department also posted a reminder to dog owners that their pets need to be properly licensed.

"All dogs residing in Breckenridge must be licensed yearly. Breckenridge Dog Tags are available and may be purchased at the Breckenridge Police Department, 150 Valley Brook Street. Proof of rabies innoculation is required at the time of application. The annual license fee for spayed/neutered dogs is $5.00 for one year or $15.00 for three years. The annual license fee for unsterilized dogs is $20.00 for one year and $60.00 for three years. Dog tags insure that animals are protected against disease and also assist with locating the dog's owner in the case of a lost dog."