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Boulder residents loving the snow despite slick conditions

Posted at 1:20 PM, Dec 21, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-21 15:20:12-05

BOULDER, Colo. -- Boulder transformed into a slippery winter wonderland Thursday, just in time for the first day of winter.

Colorado Department of Transportation vehicles were out in full force trying to keep the roads clear. As many as 50 CDOT plows were out on U.S. Highway 36 clearing the roads. Morning traffic slowed to a crawl both heading into and out of Boulder with drivers taking a little extra time to get to work or school.

The city was put on an accident alert early in the morning. That means the city is asking drivers who get in minor crashes not involving injuries or alcohol to simply exchange insurance information and report it to police within the next few days.

Around town, people were going about their business as usual. Brad Ziegler was even out early in the morning for a nine-mile run.

“It’s a bit sketchy but I’ve done this before,” Ziegler said.

Others rode their bicycles through the snow. At a bus stop on 30th Street, a handful of people were waiting to catch the bus as the snow came down. None of them seemed to mind it, however.

“It’s cold but it’s all right. It looks pretty, though. But it’s sad that you can’t see mountains,” said Fabi Palomar.

Meanwhile, at Scott Carpenter Park, Miguel Sanchez and his two and a half year old son Mico were the only ones out sledding.

“I have a late start today at work so I figured we get some sledding time,” Sanchez said.

He just moved to Boulder from Taiwan and has been looking forward to the snow. It’s one of the first times Mico has ever seen it.

“We were waiting for snow all year but this is the first time that we’ve actually got to come out here,” Sanchez said.

Back in town, the owner of the Voodoo Hair Lounge on Pearl spent much of her morning shoveling snow in front of her salon.

“I’m excited about it actually. We needed some snow,” Ann Castro said.

But the winter weather did slow down things inside the salon quite a bit.

“Probably going to make for a bad day the salon. A lot of people canceling because of the weather driving down,” Castro said.

The National Weather Service predicted that Boulder would see between one and three inches of snow Thursday.