Boulder Police, crash victim want to say 'Thank You' to good Samaritans who dug drivers out of dirt

BOULDER, Colo. - After jumping into action selflessly, victims and police want to thank unknown good Samaritans.

A semi-truck filled with dirt, hopped the median at Baseline Road and Foothills Parkway on Friday, trapping some drivers under the weight of the dirt.

Other drivers and nearby residents, many using only their hands, helped dig out the victims until police and firefighters arrived.

"I sort of said, 'Uh-oh. Brace for impact,'" said crash victim Cheryl Fellows. "I clutched the steering wheel (and the) next thing I know my window was broken, but holding back a lot of dirt."

Fellows was waiting in traffic, heading west on Baseline Road. The semi-truck was turning east onto Baseline Road from northbound Foothills Parkway, when the driver ran up the curb, over the median and flipped onto multiple vehicles.

7NEWS checked with Boulder Police on Saturday and there is no update on what caused the crash.

"It felt like a theme park ride. It was very Indiana Jonesy," said Fellows. "I was very lucky. I think just the load, which was all dirt, hit my car."

Her SUV was partially crushed by the weight of the dirt and her back right wheel was perpendicular and off its axle. She was rescued by quick-thinking good Samaritans.

"I didn't get their names. They just sort of helped me out and then they went back to making sure everybody else was OK," said Fellows. "I have no idea where they came from; I just know that when I looked at my window and I looked out the other window, there were lots of people there right away."

Fellows did not even know, but a driver was trapped in a car to her left. She could not see the car because it was nearly fully covered in dirt.

Police and firefighters were able to dig that driver out. That person was one of three people injured.

"I come through things like this and I say, 'There's a reason I lived.' So, I'm going to say, 'Thank you,' and thank you to the people who were there and thank you to a higher being that kept everybody alive through this," said Fellows. "That wasn't going to be the end of my story."

Given her year, this was a minor blip for Fellows. She's already had four surgeries this year as a breast cancer survivor.

"(My chest was) good cushioning in this, people have asked me that question," Fellows joked.

Boulder Police went on Twitter asking if anyone knows the Good Samaritans because they want to thank them. Fellows wants to do the same.

"If they want to come out and be thanked, I'm at Glacier Ice Cream often, (I'll) be happy to buy them ice cream," said Fellows.

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