Boulder dog saves neighborhood from burglars

Dog alerted homeowners who then called police

BOULDER, Colo. - He spent his life chained up and living outside. Until last winter, when he was finally rescued by a young couple living in Boulder.

Good thing, because this week he saved a neighborhood from falling victim to thieves.          

Squid the dog is now, quite literally, the neighborhood watchdog.

“It’s kind of strange because he doesn’t normally growl or wake up at all in the night,” said Tina Fuller.

Squid, a three-year-old Weimaraner-Pointer mix, helped to put two bad guys behind bars the other night.

“He had sort of like, nuzzled under the curtains to see what was outside,” said Fuller.

As Fuller and her fiance, Marshall Somers, peeked out the curtains, they saw two men in black.

“There’s two guys in our driveway, going through our cars,” said Fuller.

It turns out, the burglars were hitting vehicles throughout the neighborhood. Thirty minutes after Tina called police, one of the two burglars was in custody.

“I don’t even know how he heard them," said Fuller. "We were in the other room. No window, no view.”

It’s quite a turnaround for Squid, who was just rescued by Fuller and Somers this past winter.

They were compelled to rescue a dog after seeing a lot of strays while visiting southeast Asia. They also saw a lot of squid while there, hence the name.

Squid spent the first three years of his life with a chain around his neck in Kansas.

“The fur around his neck was really raw, or just gone,” said Somers.

"He’s here to defend us," said Fuller. "Let us know what’s going on.”

Boulder Police say one of the suspects, identified as Thomas Frampton, had stolen phone chargers, CD's, GPS units as well as other items in his bag when he was taken into custody.

Tina and Marshall say he may have taken their CD's, a GPS unit and possibly Marshall's grandfather's pocket knife, which they still haven't found.

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