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Bonnie Brae Ice Cream reopens its doors to customers after two-year hiatus

Customers can enter the shop instead of solely using takeout window
Bonnie Brae Ice Cream reopens
Posted at 3:36 PM, May 16, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-16 20:52:52-04

DENVER  — For decades, Bonnie Brae Ice Cream has been serving up delicious flavors, with lines often snaking out the front door. It's a scene that’s been missing over the last two years — until now.

“I think we're ready to open the store,” said Adrian Simon, co-owner of Bonnie Brae Ice Cream.

Simon says because of COVID-19, they kept customers outside and ordering from a window.

“For two years, we've had everyone coming up to these windows here. So we're finally like taking those takeout windows out and putting in permanent windows again,” said Simon.

A decision she and her staff now feel comfortable with, even though some are a little apprehensive.

“We have a lot of younger staff who this is their first job and so this is our first time interacting with staff face-to-face. And so I think a lot of them are nervous, and so just saying, you know, reminding them to smile and just serve the customer the best they can,” said Simon.

Before officially opening the doors Tuesday, staff spent the day cleaning, making fresh waffle cones and, most importantly, ice cream.

“Being able to actually see the flavors and talk to the staff and get samples is going to be super exciting,” said Simon.

One challenge Bonnie Brae, along with many other businesses, has faced is hiring. With positions still open, Simon hopes to fill all jobs heading into Memorial Day Weekend and beyond.

“We hire younger staff, and so we kind of consider ourselves a little bit of a job training type situation. And so it was hard getting younger staff who weren't already busy at school with COVID, and all the stresses of that, wanting to work at the store,” said Simon.

A moment two years in the making is now hours away from becoming a reality.

“It's very surreal, but we're very, very excited,” said Simon.