Bird sanctuary in Denver must raise money to build a new nest

DENVER - Thousands of wild birds have been nursed back to health at a facility in southwest Denver that is now being forced to depart the location they've occupied for 14 years.

Wild B.I.R.D. is a non-profit that has taken in about 3,000 birds each year, and helped to heal over 28,000 total birds. Their current location is closing on September 1. The organization says it is not properly zoned, not sustainable and not functional for their needs.

A donor has given the group new land along a migratory bird flyway, but the organization must now raise $150,000 for the first phase of construction on a new facility. The total that must be raised for the new facility is $492,000 and they need to raise 70 percent of the money so they can obtain a loan for the rest.

The plan is to open the new facility during 2015

Because the organization must leave the current location and the new facility will take time to build, the goal is to break ground November 1, 2014  and re-open in 2015 in order to minimize the impact on Colorado’s birds in need.

Wild B.I.R.D. has established a fundraising page with additional information about their plans. So far, the page has raised $3,190.

B.I.R.D. stands for Bird Information and Rehabilitation of Denver.

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