Bereavement doula commenting on a Facebook post in January unknowingly predicted Longmont baby theft

LONGMONT, Colo. - A bereavement doula unknowingly predicted that a Longmont woman would harm a mother and steal her baby.

Dynel Lane was arrested on Wednesday night and accused of stabbing 26-year-old Michelle Wilkins, who was seven months pregnant. Lane also took the baby from Wilkins womb and then showed up at a hospital saying she had a miscarriage.

In January, a friend of Lane's husband wrote a post on a private Facebook page for breastfeeding mothers, asking for advice on about her friend's wife who had a suspicious pregnancy.

"Non bf (breastfeeding) advice needed - I have a friend whose wife is pregnant and he confided on (sic) my fiancé that she refuses to go to the doctor. Her whole pregnancy has been sketchy…She supposedly had a hysterectomy but then got pregnant (which I know CAN happen) and she wouldn't let him go to the doctors with her. Then she was supposedly due mid November then mid December. Here it is mid January and still no baby…I'm confused. Is it considered child endangerment if she won't go to the doctor? I don't know how long it's been but her husband is concerned."

Elizabeth Petrucelli used to work security at a hospital and was trained on how to spot a mother who might want to abduct a newborn. She is also a bereavement doula, someone who supports families through pregnancy and infant loss, and responded with what now seems like a chilling prediction.

"This is a RED FLAG for me. She may be attempting to find someone whom she can 'get' a baby from in order to present this to her husband. I know this is all 'conspiracy theory-like' but this should be taken seriously. If she is claiming to be pregnant but has had a hysterectomy, she has an 'ectopic' pregnancy which would require medical intervention in order for the baby to survive AND mom to survive. She has likely made this up, maybe because she is grieving her lost uterus and the fact that she can no longer carry a baby in her womb.

"My concern would be for any pregnant woman being around her because if she is desperate, she may do the unmentionable and harm the mother and take the baby."

"That's haunting to hear that, and know that it happened," Petrucelli told 7NEWS Reporter Marshall Zelinger on Thursday. "When I read (the original post), having the background that I do, I knew this was a red flag. I was very concerned that something was going to happen."

Petrucelli did not know she was giving advice for a friend of Lane's husband. She did not know until Thursday morning, that the Longmont case was the same one she opined about in January.

"There's not a whole lot that you probably could have done other than to encourage the husband of the suspect to seek counseling, take her to the hospital (and) prove that she was pregnant or disprove that she wasn't," said Petrucelli.

The friend who wrote the original post spoke with 7NEWS, but did not want to be identified.

"It's just really creepy that this lady on that site kind of predicted this," said the friend. "I was worried for the health of the child. If she didn't want to go to the doctor, could someone make her go?"

She was concerned after the supposed due date came and went without Lane having a baby.

"I saw her around Christmas and she looked pregnant," said the friend.

The friend said she did not tell Lane's husband about the concerns posted in the Facebook comments.

"No, we did not. But I wish I had," said the friend.

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