Bear spotted near Eldorado Springs pool

ELDORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - A man in Eldorado Springs was surprised Thursday morning to spot a big black bear.

Dave Charnick was near the Eldorado Springs pool when he saw several people pointing toward the mountainside. After a little searching, he saw the bear on the grassy, steep slope.

"It walked over and just started sunning itself," Charnick said.

He estimates that the bear weighed 500 to 600 pounds, maybe more.

"It was my first encounter with a bear in the wild," Charnick said. "We've seen signs of them on our property -- we’ve seen droppings, we've woken up to a bear-proof compost bin being knocked down and moved."

Charnick took several pictures of the bear including some of himself with the bear in the background. However, he said he stayed a safe distance away.

"In my defense, I'm not as close as the photo shows," Charnick pointed out. "There is a ravine he would have to traverse, I'm about 50 yards away."

Charnick assumed the bear was male because he didn't see any cubs.

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