Battle over who will get share of $199M in federal flood relief heats up; hearing held in Evans

DENVER - Colorado will soon be getting an infusion of $199 million in federal funding to help local communities with flood relief.

The funds can used for everything from housing to infrastructure. Local communities will need to submit applications for review outlying how they would use the assistance if awarded.

At a public hearing Tuesday night in Evans, farmer Matt Yocam said he hopes aid will be given to those who live on the land. His farm in Orchard, Colorado, was severely damaged.

Yocam hasn't been able to wait for the federal government to come through, so he's paid for many of the repairs on his own.

"We couldn't sit and wait for government approval. We had to rebuild," he said.

"With this disaster we're looking at somewhere at $3.3 billion in damage. We're definitely not going to get close to that for the amount of funding, but as the state we're working very hard to find every avenue of money that we can," said Molly Urbina, with the Governor's Claims Office.

Yocam isn't sure if he'll get help, and as a farmer he knows his livelihood is at stake.

"It's been a year and we haven't seen anything yet," said Yocam.

A timetable hasn't been set. The money will be used to reimburse applicants after the projects start.

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