'Basics' arrive for summer training program at Air Force Academy

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - "Basics" arrived at the Air Force Academy Thursday morning to start their summer program. They'll be sworn in Friday.

The hundreds of future cadets will spend the next six weeks in Basic Cadet Training (BCT).

"This rigorous, six-week orientation program introduces you to military life," the Air Force Academy says about the program. "BCT is a very serious undertaking. Your performance and attitude in this program will strongly influence your future success at the Academy."

This first phase of the BCT helps future cadets transition from civilian to military life.

They learn about military topics ranging from customs, courtesies, the Honor Code, Air Force heritage, marching and room inspections. Students will go through daily workouts that officials say, "includes strenuous exercises, running and competitive sports."

During the second phase, starting July 21, cadets will go to Jacks Valley, a wooded area on the Academy grounds.

"Your stay in Jacks Valley will involve many activities, which will push you to your physical limits and build within you self-confidence and confidence in your classmates," officials said. "You’ll also become familiar with small-unit tactics and firearms. After a challenging and rewarding experience in Jacks Valley, BCT training concludes back in the cadet area."

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