Basalt high school evacuated after pepper spray prank

School says prank made 41 students sick

BASALT, Colo. - An apparent prank at Basalt High School caused 41 students to get sick Friday afternoon.

A student sprayed the pepper spray in a hallway near the bathrooms just before noon, reported the Aspen Times.

A total of 49 students were exposed to the spray, and 41 showed symptoms including difficulty breathing, coughing and tearing eyes. Over time some students vomited because of muscle spasms from the reaction to the spray, the newspaper reported.

A school resource officer realized what was going on and pulled the fire alarm evacuating the school of 200 students. Police and firefighters then searched the school before giving the all clear.

Police have a juvenile suspect who was not named. It will be up to the district attorney to decide if charges will be filed.

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