Barriers placed in Park Hill to be removed; new entrance way to be installed at Holly Square

DENVER - A series of barriers installed at the entrance wall to Park Hill's Holly Square will be removed in favor of new permanent entrance way. 

The goal of the barriers when they were installed in July, was to reduce access to prevent speeding, loitering and other crimes.

However, criticism of the temporary wall was loud and swift.

"If you wouldn't want it for yourself, then don't do it to others," said resident Andrea Mosby.

Late Monday, the neighborhood group approved a plan to get rid of the wall and give the entrance way at 33rd Avenue and Hudson Street "a face lift."

"We want something that is environmentally friendly to the community that allows community to feel they're in a safe environment.  And barricades don't make you feel like you're in a safe environment, they do just the opposite," said community activist Gerie Grimes.

A number of designs are being considered.

"Children friendly, neighborhood friendly, senior citizen friendly -- let's create that environment," said Grimes.

The redesign isn't just about cosmetics. Those on the committee say they want for stronger bonds between the community and police.

"Community communicating and talking to one another, figuring out what the needs are and being able to provide those for another," said Mosby.

The barriers will be removed by Labor Day. A committee will work with the department of Public Works to create design plans.

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