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Backyard or junkyard? Denver neighbors hopeful yard will be cleaned soon

Posted at 10:03 PM, Aug 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-29 08:18:40-04

DENVER -- A backyard in an up and coming Denver neighborhood is a true eyesore. AIRTRACKER7 was flying in the area of Lipan Street and W. 37th Avenue earlier this week for an unrelated story when we came across a backyard that looked like a junkyard.

Neighbors said this yard has been full of clutter for as long they could remember.

When Denver7 asked the homeowner about the yard, she said, "I'm doing the best I can."

The city agrees. A city spokesperson said the mess has gotten better, but that doesn't mean they are letting her off the hook.

After complaints from neighbors, the city began inspecting the backyard in February. They didn't give out the first fine until May, citing several vehicles, outdoor storage and large lumps of trash in the yard. That citation was for $150. The second fine came in July, costing the homeowner $500. The big one came earlier this month, at a whopping $999.

A neighbor said he's hopeful the family will get the mess cleaned up.

"This is a great old neighborhood and I have a lot of pride in it," the neighbor said. He asked not to be identified. "I would like to see it kept new and kept nice and maybe not everyone has bought in on it."

One man, who also asked not to be named, has been helping the family clean up the yard. He said they helped him when he fell on rough times, but the homeowner is in her 80s. She doesn't have a lot of money and paying the fines will be difficult. Hiring people to move the items from the yard will also be tough on her, he said.

Denver7 offered to help, but that man said the homeowner doesn't need it. She will get to it, but it will have to be her doing the work, he said.