Baby's oxygen monitor stolen from car in Denver

Posted at 9:39 AM, Oct 02, 2015
and last updated 2015-10-02 11:39:31-04

A Colorado family fears they’ll have to pay a $1,500 bill after their daughter’s oxygen monitor was stolen from their car. Six-month-old Korra Willingham was recovering from open heart surgery when someone took the device that was rented from a medical equipment company. The baby was born with several heart defects and is now recovering successfully. Her twin sister Kaylee is healthy.

"The glove box was open and everything was taken out of there, all of our bags were missing from the backseat," said her father Chris.

The family’s car was parked near the Ronald McDonald House in Denver on East 21st, where they had been staying during their daughter's treatment. The family is from Grand Junction. Korra's mother Courtney called the crime “kind of a low blow.”

"For somebody to be walking past a parking lot that is at a charity house, and decide to break into a car and obviously take medical equipment, I just can't imagine what kind of person would need that equipment more than us," said Charles.

Korra is now using a loaner monitor, but the family fears they'll have to pay to replace the device.

"Everybody is going through something. You know, we're having a hard time. They may be having a hard time. I just hope they can put it to good use," said Courtney.

"Keep an eye out for karma. Karma comes around," said Charles.

Friends have established a Go Fund Me page to assist the family, whose clothing and electronics were also stolen. 7NEWS has contacted the rental company to see if they can help the family with the potential replacement cost. An official tells us they will review the case.