VIDEO: Aurora theft suspects crash stolen SUV into home; AIRTRACKER7 spots man fleeing on foot

AURORA, Colo. - Police said three suspects who crashed a stolen SUV into an Aurora home Thursday were arrested after a foot chase through a residential area.

The incident began at around 4:30 p.m., when officers spotted the blue Honda Pilot near Colfax and Havana Street, according to the Aurora Police Department.

After officers began their pursuit, the SUV slammed into a home at 13th Avenue and Havana Street.

Police said the suspects then fled the crash scene on foot.

One of the chases was caught live by AIRTRACKER7 hovering above, as a man was seen running between homes and jumping fences into yards as police cars began pulling up into the area.

At one point, the man fleeing police jumped a fence to avoid being attacked by a dog in one of the backyards.

The man was arrested after a police K-9 unit zeroed in on his location in some bushes.

Police said a Taser was used to subdue one suspect, but no other citizens, suspects or officers were hurt in the incident.

The Honda SUV was stolen out of Aurora a few days earlier. Officers said two guns were also recovered from the vehicle.

7News spoke with the homeowner who was not at her house at the time of the crash.

"What do you think when you look at your house?" asked 7NEWS Reporter Marc Stewart.

"I feel so bad, I feel so really frustrated. You can imagine it," said Aida Ortega.

"I'm upset. I usually don't like seeing family upset. I mean family's the first thing that comes to mind. When they're hurt. It kind of gets you disappointed," said her son, Manuel Pena.

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