Aurora motorcycle cops first in department to test new electronic citation device

AURORA, Colo. - The latest addition to the Aurora Police Department's growing inventory of technology tools is an electronic ticketing system that will begin to be used by the department's motorcycle enforcement team this fall.

Electronic citation devices are handheld scanners that allow officers to swipe a citizen's driver's license and automatically upload their information onto a ticket and, in some cases, immediately assign a court date for the offense. The system communicates with a wireless printer that is on each of the 11 motorcycles in the department's fleet so that hardcopy tickets can still be handed over.

"We're expecting that it will reduce the amount of mistakes that are made and really streamline the citation process," said Lt. Dan Mark, head of the Aurora Police Department's electronic support section. "Right now, an officer turns in paper citations at the end of the shift and someone in court administration has to physically type all that information into their system. Now, it will just electronically transfer."

Mark said the program is being tested first on motorcycle officers because they have the most interaction with citizens. If the technology is as efficient as it seems, the department will work to get an electronic citation device to all traffic officers and eventually all patrol units.

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