Aurora Fire lieutenant caught on dispatch radio making lewd comments about female EMT

City: Employee is on paid administrative leave

AURORA, Colo. - An Aurora Fire Department lieutenant was caught over the radio making lewd comments about a female EMT responding to the same call.

The incident occurred in March and was captured on a dispatch recording.

The call comes in as a medical dispatch.

"This is going to be ... 73-year-old female, conscious and breathing. Looks like knee pain from a fall," said the dispatcher on the recording.

"Engine 11 copies and you can show us on scene," replies the lieutenant.

It's what happens next that turns our attention from the emergency.

The lieutenant with Aurora Fire Engine 11 starts talking about the female EMT. His mic is left on, and everyone hears him say the EMT's first name, followed by, "The department bicycle. Everyone gets to ride her (laughs)."

He is then heard on the recording getting a warning from the dispatcher.

"Engine 11, open mic on Tac 2," says the dispatcher.

The lieutenant goes on to mention a female ranking officer by name -- also in a derogatory way.

"She was the top dog there," the lieutenant says.

And there's yet another warning from the other end.

The dispatcher is heard saying, "Engine 11, open mic Tac 2. Engine 11, open mic Tac 2."

The female EMT told 7NEWS that she's still embarrassed. She considers it sexual harassment, a hostile work environment and defamation of character.

7NEWS reached out to Aurora Fire but we did not hear back.

7NEWS also talked to the City of Aurora. A spokeswoman said they are looking into the incident and provided the following statement:

"The city can confirm that there is a current open investigation and an employee is on paid administrative leave."

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