Attempted abduction reports increase in wake of Jessica Ridgeway slaying

ARVADA, Colo. -  

Police said they've seen an influx of attempted abduction reports since the Jessica Ridgeway abduction. 


Parents attended a seminar Saturday that covered identifying predator behavior and how to protect your child.


Nearly two dozen parents attended the event at the Apex Center in Arvada on Saturday. Rhea Staniszewski gave a two-hour presentation discussing stranger danger and how to talk to your kids. Staniszewski said they have added four seminars since Jessica Ridgeway disappearance and death.


"It's very close to home, we've heard about it a lot. Today I'm in Arvada, it happened right up the street so I can understand that it's very scary for families," Staniszewski said. "I really don't think that's a bad thing that kids are on high alert. I think that parents even if it is something that may be the child wasn't in harm's way or at risk, it's a good thing that their kids are talking to them."


Westminster and Arvada police reiterated the same thought. Westminster spokesperson Trevor Materasso said they've seen an influx in abduction type calls.


"I think that's shows the hypersensitivity of fear and awareness from kids," said Materasso.  "A good number of what we're seeing would not have been called in before."


Christine Faulkner has three daughters -- one Jessica Ridgeway's age. She brought her children to the event Saturday.


"I want to protect them and make sure they are watching their surroundings," said Faulkner. "We're scared, you know it hits more close to home."

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