Arvada business owner claims clown attack caught on camera

Posted at 5:02 PM, Oct 06, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-07 11:51:36-04

ARVADA, Colo. -- An Arvada businessman claims he captured authentic video of a clown attack in the parking lot near his shop early Wednesday morning. 

The business owner, who didn't want to be identified for his own safety, said he and his coworker were laboring until roughly 3 a.m. Wednesday, when they noticed a person milling about near the shop. 

After seeing the person, the business owner decided to close down for the night, as he felt the person looked suspicious. 

As the person got closer, the business owner noticed the person had a clown outfit on. 

The two inside the shop decided to turn off lights and leave the building when the person walked away. After waiting for a time, the two pulled out a phone and began recording before they left for the parking lot. 

Both made it into a nearby parked truck and began pulling away before they caught a glimpse of the suspicious clown. 

That's when the driver asked the clown what he was doing. The clown responded by reaching into the truck and slashing at the door with a metal object.

In the video, the business owner questioned whether or not it could have been a prank. To Denver7, the business owner claimed the attack likely wasn't a prank, saying he called for police assistance after the attack. 

Arvada Police say they didn't receive any reports of clown-related activities on Wednesday morning. The business owner said he only spoke to a dispatcher. 

Police officials reaffirmed they did not speak to anybody regarding a clown report in a time frame consistent with the recorded video. 

Hours after Denver7's report, the video had been removed from Facebook. 


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