Arrest at DIA linked to unusual ID theft case from N. Carolina and missing person in Costa Rica

DENVER - When a Colorado resident tried to fly away to Hawaii with his new wife, he was nabbed at DIA for a bizarre series of allegations involving identity theft charges from North Carolina and a missing person case in Costa Rica.

Federal prosecutors say Bill Ulmer was arrested at Denver International Airport on May 28 while traveling with his brother's passport and $2,500 in cash. In federal court Tuesday, the prosecution argued Ulmer should be kept in custody.

In their argument, they cited that Ulmer used his brother's passport six years ago to hop a plane to Costa Rica in order to avoid prosecution for identity theft charges in North Carolina. He had allegedly been writing bad checks there.

At the time, prosecutors say, Ulmer was traveling with his then-girlfriend, Barbara Struncova. She later went missing in Costa Rica.

She's never been found, but prosecutors said officers there did find blood and noted withdrawals from her bank account.

Ulmer returned to the United States, using his brother's passport, less than 15 days after Struncova went missing.

Since then, he's been living in Colorado and remained under the radar while he worked as a commercial driver.

Now that he's been arrested, Ulmer faces charges in North Carolina of misusing a passport, possession of an identification document with intent to defraud, possession and use of means of identification and aggravated identity theft.

While his attorneys argued that he should be allowed bond, the judge ordered Ulmer to be detained without bond and transferred to North Carolina by the U.S. Marshals Service. 

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