Ann Crall, woman who faked cancer to get donations, sentenced to more prison time

GOLDEN, Colo. - The Lakewood police officer's wife who admitted she faked having cancer to steal nearly $60,000 from unsuspecting donors is getting more prison time.

Ann Crall is accused of violating her probation by allegedly forging letters from her employer to her probation officer.

Monday, a judge revoked Crall's probation and sentenced her to eight years in prison. Her bond was set at $25,000.

-- Initial conviction --

Prosecutors say Crall began telling people that she had been diagnosed with cancer in the fall of 2005.

"She continued and expanded the ruse for the next four years, lying to people, telling intricate stories of how her chemotherapy wasn’t working, how her cancer had gotten worse, that her liver was failing and that she was having seizures," Jefferson County prosecutors said. "During this time, she continued to accept charitable contributions from friends, neighbors, church members and many of her husband’s co-workers."

She took more than $58,000.

She pleaded guilty in 2011 to theft and charitable fraud -- both felonies.

In court, Crall told the judge she had been clean since February 2010 -- months before she was publicly outed.

Crall's husband told the judge he cashed out more than $32,000 from his retirement savings to help pay back part of the money and resigned from his job at a Lakewood Police officer.

-- New accusations --

Prosecutors told a court in Golden at Monday's revocation hearing that Crall is facing new charges of attempting to influence a public servant and four counts of forgery.

"During the time she was on probation, Ms. Crall is alleged to have forged letters and falsified documents, purportedly from her employer to her probation officer, in an attempt to mislead and influence the probation officer from taking actions against her for her failure to comply with the conditions of her probation," prosecutors said.

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