Anger at vigil for man shot and killed by police outside funeral home

20-year-old shot by police outside funeral

DENVER - Anger, outrage and calls for justice.

Family and friends of Ryan Ronquillo held a vigil Sunday night for the 20-year-old, who was shot and killed by Denver police on July 2.

The DPD insists the vehicle Ronquillo was in was the weapon. Police say Ronquillo tried to run over officers at the scene.

Family said that's untrue.

"(Police) are corrupt and they have been harassing our people for too long," said Annie Sanchez, Ronquillo's cousin. "Just because we're Mexican, just because we're poor, just because we're uneducated does not make this right."

Sanchez says police were running surveillance on Ronquillo all day and could have picked a better place to take him into custody.

"If they were following Ryan all day, they could have found a safer situation to issue a warrant," said Sanchez. 

Police moved in on Ronquillo at the Romero Family Funeral Home after he pulled into the funeral home parking lot.

Ronquillo's father called the police tactics, "absurdly unprofessional."

"I could see those tactics on a dangerous individual, but my son had no violent previous history," said Martin Ronquillo. 

Police have said Ronquillo was wanted for auto theft and other warrants.

Witnesses say it was mayhem.

"They opened fire for no reason," said eyewitness Vanessa Jaszczyk. "And they killed him. In front of a lot of people. Including my two-year-old who should not have to witness that."

"Hearing your loved one is deceased is the most horrific thing a father, or anybody who loves anyone, could ever hear," said Martin Ronquillo.

"He was one person. He was unarmed. He was a 20-year-old kid," said Sanchez.

A spokesperson with the Romero Family Funeral Home told 7NEWS there is surveillance video, but the spokesperson could not elaborate because he said they have been advised by their attorney not to make any further comments.



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