Alleged puppy stomper due in court

Boulder transient arrested after puppy injured

BOULDER, Colo. - A transient arrested after police said he kicked and stomped a 4-month-old puppy is due to appear in court Wednesday.

Edward McMorris, 26, was arrested shortly before midnight on Aug. 29 for investigation of cruelty to animals and obstructing a peace officer, according to the Boulder police blotter.

7NEWS obtained the police report describing the arrest on Friday. In it, Officer Ashly Flynn wrote that several officers dressed in full uniform were standing under the lights of the municipal building when they commanded McMorris to give them the puppy, named "Tater," and get on the ground.

“McMorris did not comply and stated ‘I don’t know who you are,’” the report says.

The report says an officer eventually tackled McMorris, whose hand was hovering over a metal object that could have been a weapon.

Several witnesses told police that they saw McMorris stomp the puppy on its head and drag it away by a leash near a busy downtown intersection. The officer wrote that one of the witnesses said that the dog’s screams were “like a dog getting hit by a car screams.”

McMorris was taken to jail, and the puppy was taken to an emergency veterinary clinic where it was diagnosed with bruised ribs.

At 2 p.m. Wednesday, McMorris is due to appear in court for the filing of charges.

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