Alameda International High School students walk out after meeting with Jeffco Schools' Dan McMinimee

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - Dozens of students walked out of Alameda International High School Wednesday after meeting with Jeffco Public Schools superintendent Dan McMinimee.

Jeffco Public Schools told 7NEWS that McMinimee was invited to the school to talk to students and answer questions about the walkouts, teacher compensations and anything else the students wanted to discuss.

However, some students were disappointed with the answers they got.

"I do understand there was some frustration from some of the kids around feeling like I was trying to not answer their questions, but that’s because we're not there in the process yet -- haven't had the discussion about how this committee might affect AP US History," McMinimee told 7NEWS after the meeting. "The discussion [among Board members] was about the formation of the committee."

McMinimee said he was surprised by some of the in-depth questions students asked about teacher compensation and other issues.

"I do wonder how many students actually fully understand what it is the board is talking about right now," McMinimee said. "I think sometimes, as a student, sometimes you hear what is going on, you don't necessarily have the whole picture."

When asked about the walkouts, McMinimee said he wonders if students at some schools are trying to outdo other schools by having more and more people walk out.

"While I do think there are some genuine concerns out there, I also think there are some elements of, 'Hey, we have to do better than that other high school,'" McMinimee said.

School board president Ken Witt said Wednesday he believes the student protests and walk outs are misguided.

"There was no discussion of cutting slavery or any other topic from U.S. history," said Witt. "As a board, we have a responsibility to oversee curriculum."

Witt said students are "badly misinformed" about the process and what has happened so far.
The curriculum for AP U.S. history, along with elementary education, was redesigned last year by the College Board. Witt argues the content of APUSH was significantly altered.
"And that's what is up for review. I think there should be concern. I think we should express enough concern to do due diligence and to look at how it was changed. No committee has been approved. No document has been approved. It's still an open discussion."


Students at two other Jeffco High Schools walked out of classes on Wednesday morning.

7NEWS was at Chatfield High School as hundreds of students left class just after 8 a.m. Jeffco Public Schools also confirmed to 7NEWS that students at Dakota Ridge High School also walked out Wednesday morning.

That came after hundreds of students walked out of at least five Jefferson County schools on Tuesday.

Students say they are upset about a proposal before the Jeffco Schools Board of Education. The Board is considering whether to form a committee to review the content of the Advanced Placement U.S. History (APUSH) curriculum. (Read about APUSH here.)
The proposal for curriculum review was tabled Thursday, but is expected to be addressed at the next board meeting.
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