A former thief has some tips to protect you as you shop this Black Friday

Holiday shopping is about to hit high gear

DENVER - Holiday shopping is about to hit high gear, so officers with the Denver Police Department sat down with a former thief in order to share some tips to better protect you this holiday season. 

David has been in and out of prison for the last 22 years for reportedly breaking into 50,000-100,000 cars, but he sat down in front of BPD cameras to give shoppers eagerly waiting to shop Black Friday deals, some advice to be aware of when shopping during the holiday season. 

David suggests you do the following as you shop: 

1. Watch your surroundings

David shows the viewer thieves pretend to be speaking on their cell phones while their car is parked, watching as shoppers go in and out of shopping centers in order to strike their vehicle and leave with the person's belongings.

2. Be wary of your body language

David goes to show how he notices victims move around in their vehicles in several ways as they try to hide the stuff they recently bought. He says it's always a bad idea to hide stuff inside your car (or even your trunk) 

3. Buy - go home - buy again

David says his best advice is for people to shop, drop off their things at home, then go back and continue shopping. "There ain't no safe place to leave things in your car," he says in the video. 

He ends the video saying he hopes people listen to his advice, as he doesn't want others to suffer the way he made his victims suffer when he committed those crimes. 

David says he is now going to church and wants to give back to the community, which is why he volunteered to make the video. 


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