7 things to bring on summer hikes in Colorado

Posted at 4:30 AM, May 31, 2017
and last updated 2017-05-31 10:52:48-04

Before heading out on Colorado hiking trails this summer, you may want to double check your supplies to make sure you are prepared. Below are seven things to keep in your pack when you hit the trails:

1. Plenty of water

2. Trail map, compass and/or GPS

3. Sun/Rain protection (sunscreen, sunglasses, rain jacket, umbrella)

4. Appropriate shoes/clothes/backpack

5. Safety items (headlamp, knife/multi-purpose tool, light, whistle)

6. First Aid Kit

7. Extra food

Roxborough State Park Park Manager Todd Farrow said one of the biggest mistakes people make is not staying on the trail or making their own.

"Sometimes they get so well developed that people think it's a normal trail, and they end up going on that trail and it's not a designated trail so it's not marked. It doesn't necessarily lead to a destination that they were thinking," said Farrow.

For hikers going on 14ers, Farrow recommends getting an early start before the weather rolls in.

"Even before sun up, that way you can get up and down before the afternoon thunderstorms come," said Farrow.

According to the National Weather Service, Colorado is the third deadliest state for lightning strikes, killing 38 people in 2016 and one woman so far in 2017.

For any extra questions before going on a hiking trail, Farrow recommends checking in with the visitor's center to pickup extra trail maps and ask about any trail conditions you should be aware of.