7 reasons we love Colorado snowstorms

Posted at 12:25 PM, Feb 03, 2016
and last updated 2016-02-03 14:53:01-05

Sure snowstorms can make driving tough, but here are seven reasons we love a Colorado snowstorm!

(Photo from Mark Boyle)

7. Sledding!

Buy a plastic saucer at the store, or grab a trash bag, and head for the nearest hill on a snowy day and you'll be smiling and laughing!

6. Snowshoeing.

With snowshoes, you can find a trail, or make your own, and head out into Colorado's beautiful backcountry. You buy snowshoes or rent them at sports goods stores.

5. Snow angels or snow designs.

Don't have snowshoes or a sled? Don't let that stop you. Put on your jacket, fall backwards into a snowbank and move your arms up and down. Get back and up and you've got a snow angel. If you don't want to get IN the show, then try what we did above. Just drag your feet through the snow trying to create a design. If it doesn't work the first time, keep trying!

(Photo from Dustin Schaefer/Ricoh Imaging/Loveland Ski Resort)

4. Skiing and snowboarding!

With 25 ski areas and resorts in Colorado, skiing and snowboarding isn't just fun, it's big business that employees thousands and generates millions for our economy.

3. Wildflowers

Winter snowstorms are not just about winter, but what they create for the following summer -- like wildflower shows! A big winter of snow in Colorado means a great wildflower season in Colorado.

2. Rafting.

Big winter snowstorms mean big water for rafting Colorado's rivers.

1. Water -- waterfalls, lakes and water.

The No.1  reason we love big winter snowstorms is because it means more water in the summer to create waterfalls and fill our lakes and waterfalls. Unlike California, we haven't had drought conditions for a couple years.

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