5 plays you need to see as the Broncos beat the Buccaneers

5 plays you need to see as Broncos beat TB
5 plays you need to see as Broncos beat TB
Posted at 6:23 PM, Oct 02, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-02 20:54:49-04

TAMPA BAY, Fl. -- The Broncos are undefeated. The team scored its fourth victory, this time in Tampa Bay over the Buccaneers, on Sunday. 

With some calling the game a trap for the defending Super Bowl champions, the Broncos continued to prove themselves as an adaptable group of players who can get a win, even if it's ugly at times.

Here are five plays from the fourth consecutive Broncos victory in the 2016-2017 season that you just can't miss. 

1.) Talib takes the ball away. 

Aqib Talib did his thing Sunday, making plays left and right. Most notably, he took away the first pass from the defending rookie of the year -- Jameis Winston. 

The takeaway led to a five-second drive by the offense. A touchdown pass from Trevor Siemian to Demaryius Thomas. 

2.) Relentless play by Talib leads to more points by the Broncos. 

After Talib granted the offense its first touchdown opportunity, he gifted another. He took away yet another pass from Winston by abandoning his defender and reading the play. 

Talib's take put the Broncos deep into the Buccaneers territory, leading to another short drive for a second touchdown. The C.J. Anderson score would put the #Broncos up, and the Buccaneers wouldn't eclipse that again. 

3.) Defense wrecks the run. 

Continuing in the Broncos trend of winning the turnover battle, the team enforced its will upon the Buccaneers run game. As Tampa Bay inched towards their elusive second touchdown of the game, the Broncos popped the ball out of the hands of one Buccaneer running back, claiming it for the offense. 

4.) Siemian sacked out of the game.

It wouldn't be a game without some controversy, and that followed the third sack of the game by the Buccaneers defense. The line would find its way to Siemian, sacking the journeyman quarterback onto his shoulder.

Soon after, Siemian was carted out of the game. Paxton Lynch would take over. 

Siemian returned to the sidelines, eventually, but he wouldn't return to the game. He was prepared if need be to return to the game, but Lynch did not need the assistance. 

5.) Lynch leads the team.

Lynch, the Broncos' first-round pick of 2016, did not disappoint in his first professional outing. He led the Broncos to two back-to-back scoring drives, eventually locating Emmanuel Sanders for his first-ever NFL touchdown.

He proved he is a reliable passer, with crisp passes and intelligent looks. 

The heir-apparent to the Broncos quarterback position may not start the rest of the season, but he definitely proved he has the ability to do so in the near future. 

In the end, the Broncos stunned the Buccaneers, with the next Broncos quarterback getting his first taste of NFL action.

The Broncos are now looking forward to the Atlanta Falcons. 

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