5 plays you can't miss as the Broncos beat the Colts

5 plays you can't miss as the Broncos beat the Colts
Posted at 5:36 PM, Sep 18, 2016
and last updated 2016-09-18 20:10:43-04

DENVER -- The Denver Broncos exhibited defensive domination Sunday as they topped the Indianapolis Colts. With Von Miller on one end and DeMarcus Ware on the other of the defensive line, Andrew Luck did not have the same opportunities he may have had against a different team. 

As dominating as the defense was in the game, injuries plagued a deep-benched Broncos team. That wouldn't stop the team from outscoring the Colts 34-20.

These are the Top Five plays you need to see from the impressive victory that put the Broncos up 2-0 on the season.

1.) Domination. Von Miller had several key dominating plays, starting with a batted pass that halted progress for the Colts. He single-handedly ended the drive, demolishing his assignment and sacking Andrew Luck for the first time in his Broncos career. 

In his second week, he looked more like a video game player than a human being. 

2.) Speaking of Madden, C.J. Anderson dropped jaws with this play, that just a few plays later led to a touchdown. 

Anderson's second game of the season proved why he is the top back for the Broncos, as he nabbed a one-handed catch, then spun to evade a tackle. His moves secured a first down, and a score for the Broncos. 

3.) It wasn't all highlights for the Broncos. DeMarcus Ware went down in the second half with a game-ending injury.

Who did he run into to cause that injury? Unfortunately, his own teammate, the wrecking ball that is Von Miller. Ware fractured his forearm, which gave Indianapolis the impetus to score their first touchdown of the game. 

4.) But the Broncos defense isn't elite due to one phase. It is elite on all phases of the defensive game -- including the secondary. That's where Aqib Talib made his presence known on Sunday. 

Talib picked off Andrew Luck in the victory, but he didn't just return the ball to his offense. He did the job himself. Talib evaded three tackles while outrunning several others in his fifth pick-six of his Broncos career. 

5.) Two defensive touchdowns. After Talib's touchdown, the Broncos defense fired on all phases. With Von Miller bringing Luck down late in the fourth quarter. 

Luck had the opportunity to bring his team to victory, with the ability to score and put his team up over the Broncos. Instead, as he fell to Miller, he fumbled the ball. 

Shane Ray picked that ball up, returning it for a touchdown. 

Did we mention Denver went for two points on the score? The team succeeded in that, too.

The Broncos were able to run out the clock after that defensive play, sealing their victory over the Colts. 

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