5 can't-miss plays from the Broncos crushing blow to the Texans

5 can't-miss plays from the Broncos crushing blow to the Texans
Posted at 9:31 PM, Oct 24, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-24 23:31:43-04

DENVER -- The Denver Broncos snapped not only a losing streak, but the confidence of a young quarterback Monday night under the bright lights of Monday Night Football. 

The matchup was one discussed since the release of the NFL schedule and the departure of Brock Osweiler to the Houston Texans. He arrived to Denver in enemy territory after helping the team to a Super Bowl just one year prior. 

And Osweiler was indeed in enemy territory. His former fans booed him. No orange Osweiler jerseys were in the stadium. 

The ferocity spurred by fans translated into spunk and energy for the Broncos on the field. A few stumbles in the first quarter didn't hamper an eventual landslide and Broncos win. 

Here are the plays that made up the game's ebb and flow. 

1.) Shutting down first drive points.

The first three plays of the game belonged to Houston Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler. He did not capitalize. 

Defenders on the Broncos side of the ball would shut down both the run and pass game, forcing a punt. Leading up to the drive, the team had allowed 31 points on first drives. 

Stoic defense would follow throughout the rest of the game.

2.) Opening up the run game

Ever important, even in a passing league, the Broncos were able to capitalize with both of their running backs. Despite being shaken up on a slight leg injury, even CJ Anderson found a hole and found a running touchdown. 

Anderson wasn't the only back to find his way. Devontae Booker found his fair share of rushes, rushing for 42 yards in his first six rushes alone. 

The pair set up the team for success, finding the first points in the second quarter. 

3.) Siemian finds his lost arm

Was it ever lost? Perhaps not, just injured. Trevor Siemian regained confidence after a shoulder injury at the signal caller position for the Broncos.

He completed passes where necessary, even if a few in the first quarter were called back.

In the second quarter before the half, he helped his team find the second touchdown of the game. This one to Demaryius Thomas, even if Emmanuel Sanders is his favorite target.

4.) Penalties hold the Broncos back

In yet another game, penalties were deflating for the Broncos. In the first quarter, two first-down plays were called back duel to holding calls by the offensive line, including Russell Okung, whose play was called into question in the week prior.

The Broncos were able to shirk off the momentum setbacks, eventually outscoring their opponents from the Lone Star State. 

5.) Winning the turnover game. 

The Broncos have officially won 27 straight games where the team has won the turnover battle. That's the longest active streak in the league -- and it's for good reason. Coaches and players in Denver are skilled in converting turnovers into points. 

That helped with the win on Monday night, and allowed the team to begin looking towards its next game. 

The Broncos will now look forward -- with their 5-2 record -- to the San Diego Chargers. That game will be a rematch on the team's second loss of the season. 

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