3 off-leash dogs shot at in 3 weeks in Colorado Springs; 1 dog died, 1 survived, 1 wasn't hit

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Another off-leash dog has been shot in Colorado Springs, according to the Colorado Springs Independent.

Robbie was a "neighborhood dog," meaning he wandered from house to house in a west-side neighborhood, but didn't stay.

One of the homeowners who cared for Robbie, a reporter at the Colorado Springs Independent, said Robbie came to his house last Thursday bleeding. The reporter, and his veterinarian, believe Robbie was shot.

A second reporter at the Independent, John Hazlehurst, told 7NEWS that Robbie is the third off-leash dog to be be shot in three weeks.

The first dog was shot January 5 at Penstemon Park in Colorado Springs. Police say the dog's owner told police a man fired several shots at the dog, killing it. The man ran off.

Hazlehurst said a second dog, an elderly bulldog, was shot at a week later on Shooks Run Trail.

"The owner heard the shot and saw a man running away," Hazelhurst said.

In that case, the dog wasn't hit.

Then last week, Robbie was shot. He survived.


"It's hard not to believe the same person isn't involved," Hazelhurst said.

Hazelhurst wrote a column called, "Enough with the dog shootings, already."

"It's just ridiculous that we have had three of them," said Terry Shattuck, founder of So Much For Pets.

Shattuck's group is offering a reward of at least $1,000 for information leading to the capture and conviction in the dog shootings.

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