Teenage girl in stolen car shot and killed by Denver Police early Monday morning

Vigil, protest held for teen shot by police

DENVER - A young woman was shot and killed by officers in Denver early Monday morning after police say the teen rammed an officer with a stolen car, injuring his leg.

The officers were responding to a call of a suspicious vehicle in the alley behind 2521 Newport Street at around 6:30 a.m. That's in the Park Hill neighborhood.

Police Chief Robert White says the first officer to arrive ran the license plate and determined the vehicle was stolen.

"As the officer exited the vehicle, the driver of the (stolen) vehicle struck one of the officers in the leg," White said.

He said both officers then fired several shots at the teenaged driver. White said a total of five "very young" people were in the car.

Many neighbors heard the shots, including a teen who says she's a friend of the victim.

"I heard three gunshots and me and my friend's mother ran outside to see what's going on," said Nyomi Wilder. "We heard screaming and we found out that it was my friend."

Wilder said she didn't expect what she saw next.

"I (saw) her body being dragged as if she was nothing," she said.

A neighbor's cell phone video shows the lifeless teenager in handcuffs lying on the curb as police seem to search her. Then an ambulance arrives and EMT workers get out with a stretcher.

Police have not said whether any of the people in the car were armed.

"It's sad -- what more can you say?" said neighbor Chris Wilkerson, who also heard the gunshots.  "We just have to see what happens."

Both officers will be placed on administrative leave while the incident is investigated by the Denver District Attorney's Office, which is standard procedure.

A Denver Police spokesman said the officer injured is expected to be OK , and potentially be released from the hospital soon.

A vigil for the teen killed was held Monday night. The event was promoted on Facebook by a group against police brutality.

The teen was identified at the gathering as Jessie Hernandez.

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