2 dogs rescued from hot car in Fort Collins; woman cited after car's temps reached 105 degrees

LARIMER COUNTY, Colo. - Two Chihuahuas were rescued from a hot car Thursday that was parked in front of the courthouse in Fort Collins.

7NEWS was there when authorities were called to the scene to find that the dogs had no water and the car's temperature reached 105 degrees.

Donna Read said she was in the courthouse for longer than she expected and felt awful about the situation.

"To get pulled out of there by the police to say, 'hey your dogs are too hot,' that's terrible," said Read. "It's really embarrassing, you feel awful for your animals, because you don't want to do that to them. They're my babies."

Read was cited for leaving the dogs in the car, but was able to leave with the Chihuahuas. She said the pups belong to her daughter.

The Larimer Humane Society said the dogs were left in the car for about 45 minutes.

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