2 arrested, stayed after hours in Jefferson Park

Posted at 8:54 AM, Sep 16, 2015
and last updated 2015-09-16 10:54:15-04

Two people were arrested in Fort Collins after refusing to leave a park several times, a spokesperson with the Fort Collins Police Department said.

Kendra Gilmore, 28, and Zechariah Humbert, 30, were arrested on charges of unlawful conduct on public property after they remained on Jefferson Park after hours, despite being told by police no one was to remain at the park after 11 p.m., Fort Collins Police Services assistant chief Cory Christensen said. 

At one point, the two "vowed to never leave the park," Christensen added.

Before their arrest, Gilmore and Humbert each received two municipal court summonses and four county court summonses, but continued to stay. Gilmore also received a summons for theft, Christensen said. 

Police said they also informed the two about bed space available at area shelters, but both Gilmore and Humbert said they did not wish to take advantage of the shelters. 

The person property accumulated in the park by police was stored for safekeeping and will be released to the arrestees during normal business hours.