13 tips for active dog owners: Keep your dog safe in the heat

Posted at 4:42 PM, Jun 19, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-19 19:09:56-04

DENVER — Colorado is one of the most active states in the nation, and its residents seriously love pets! As spring ends and summer begins, active pet owners will need to start being hyper-aware about the condition of their furry friends.

Summer brings the opportunity to hike, bike, run, swim and more with your dog, but dog owners should be aware of the dangers their companions face when the seasons change.

Check out our list of 13 tips for dog owners who are active below: 

1.) Always bring with you a collapsible food and water bowl so your friend can stay hydrated and full.

2.) Invest in a sturdy leash that you can tether to an object and trust, as well as a collar that fits properly and won't slip off.

3.) Invest in a proper way to help secure your dog in the car, such as a kennel or dog seatbelt. 

4.) Never leave your dog in the car, especially in the summer.

5.) Keep a few towels handy in a go-bag to clean your dog, or to clean up after them in the case of an accident. 

6.) Always keep plastic bags (doggie bags) handy for dog waste. 

7.) Put together a first aid kit — this won't just benefit your pet, but also you in the event of an injury.

8.) Invest in paw protection for your furry pal. This could help in freezing and hot weather when it comes to ice, prickly plants, rocky terrain and more. 

9.) A snake bite plan, along with knowledge for how to deal with threats like moose, coyotes and more. Check out this story to learn more about snake bites and dogs.

10.) A set of current ID tags just in case your dog escapes or becomes lost.

11.) Dog sunscreen, or a willingness to allow dogs shade when they become hot. 

12.) Avoid exercise on the warmest of days, limit time outside when heat becomes extreme.

13.) Keep an eye out for panting: Panting is a key sign for your pet's overall temperature and health. If panting becomes excessive, heat stroke could be a real possibility.